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Chance karn

People that actually know me, know I never use supplements at all for the last probably 8 years… However I was asked to try @elevatedlifestylelab products and they are truly on point, and I will continue to use them indefinately. Made right here in the good old 🇺🇸too with legit ingredients!! The product shown is called BCAA shock, just one of the many supps they make. For any newbies out there branched chain amino acids are vital when it comes to recovery/ for increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, both essential to building lean mass which helps also secondarily shed body fat. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories your body naturally burns just even sitting there on your butt or even sleeping! The other great thing about this product especially for ME with bad joints, is the Glutamine content.

Jessica Fox


I am so happy with Elevated Lifestyle Lab. There products work amazing and taste delicious. HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for high quality supplements.

Briana Luke


I have tried several Pre-Workout drinks and they all are loaded with sugars, I wanted to find one that tasted great without all the sugar. Elevated Lifestyle Labs Energy & Focus mix is a game changer. It gave me a ton of energy without the sugar crash after. Definitely recommend this for anyone looking to get that extra energy boost for there workouts. 

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