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 Elevated Lifestyle Lab was created to help others discover a new way of thinking about how to live a better, healthier and Elevated Lifestyle. Through this journey we have discovered so many people  in the same situation and their desire to learn more about living a better life.  One of our core principles is to help others first so we began surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals and began working on building a community around that idea.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Supplements

Here at Elevated Lifestyle Lab we have sourced the best quality products for our customers. Everything is made in America, produced in an FDA approved facility and third-party tested for purity. Upwards of 95% of supplement companies get their products from overseas and are not ever third-party tested. Testing our products with a Third-Party Lab ensures higher level of quality through the rigorous testing the products are subject to in order to receive the third party certification. 

Our Company

Our company came to fruition through the idea that everyone should live their best life and that is how the idea of Elevated Lifestyle Lab was born.  Elevated Lifestyle means different things for different people but it all comes back to people trying to better themselves through whatever means they can.  You may be a marathon runner, a body builder, part time athlete or even just someone looking to lose weight and make themselves healthier.  It is all the same goal just applied differently.  Everyone trying to make a change is reaching for that Elevated Lifestyle.

Elevated Lifestyle Lab is helping people reach the next level in their Journey by helping to educate our community through our Podcasts.  Alex and George host informational episodes on the podcast with guests promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.  This is a great way to see how other people from all walks of life are improving themselves and the people around them.  The Elevated Lifestyle Supplement brand is another way we are helping our community promote a healthy lifestyle. We produce everything from daily vitamins and  immunity boosters to aid in optimum health to more advanced training products  like pre-workout formulas and proteins powders. Our mission is to bring our community the best products and information available.  

Our Team

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