Event schedule for 2021

Jason lester - world record attempt

    Our first event of the year was on April 12th. Jason Lester attempted to beat the Guinness World Record for the most miles ran on treadmill in one week. The current record is 513 miles in 7 days. Jasons goal was to run 77 miles a day for 7 days. Going into the week Jason planned on running/walking 19 hours a day. That left 5 hours to take breaks to eat, use the bathroom, stretch out, repair blisters and try to sleep a little. What’s that famous saying Mike Tyson use to say? “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. Well that holds true in ultra running too. You can make the best plan to tackle the miles but you don’t really know until you start running.

    Early in the run Jasons feet started to get blisters from the way the treadmill catches the foot as it goes around and around. Luckily we had a crew member Tara that is also an emergency room nurse and knows how to do blisters repair and help reduce future problems. The first 48 hours went smooth and Jason was right on pace with the record. The 3rd day he slowed down a little bit and had to take more breaks to get off of his feet. One thing people don’t consider is the accumulation of break time and stop time, even for just a few extra minutes. If you start taking 5 minute longer breaks and do that 10-12 times per day that adds up very quickly. By the end of the 3rd day he was falling behind the pace but only by about 10 miles. It was still in reach if he could manage to keep moving. By the end of the 4th day and only having about 5-6 hours of sleep total Jason was physically and mentally exhausted. He was behind the record race now by about 40+ miles. Heading into the last 48 hours Jason needed to run 200 miles to beat the record but with his feet bursting through his shoes from being so swollen, blisters everywhere on the top of his feet and sleep deprivation it was going to have to be his strongest performance of his career. With about 36 hours left the team came to the conclusion that he will not beat the record but lets continue to see if he can get in the top 10 furthest distances on a treadmill for 7 days. 

    In the end Jason ended up running 417 miles in 7 days on the treadmill and put him in the top 10. He raised over $8400 for our Runners For Miracles campaign benefiting Mia’s Miracles. He inspired so many people in the gym it was amazing to see people transform right in front of you. Although he didn’t beat the record I would still consider this event a HUGE success. Our goal going in to this event was to beat the record yes but more importantly show people what the human body is capable of. To show people that when your body tells you to quit you can actually go a lot further. It was an amazing experience for all of the crew members and volunteers because something like this is a huge bonding experience and you make lifetime friends. I want to thank Palm Beach Sports Club for all the amazing things they did for us and letting us use the gym. They went above and beyond to make this thing happen and we truly are thankful. 

This isn’t how the story ends. Stay tuned for possible re-attempt later in 2021 🙂



6 day race in New Jersey may 10th

On May 10th our CEO Alex Wyrick and good friend and ultra runner Jason Lester will be running for a total of 144 hours (6 days) to see how many miles they can get. It will be held at the Sussex Fairgrounds in Sussex, New Jersey.

The course is a 1 mile loop around the fairgrounds. Rules are pretty simple, run as many laps as possible in 144 hours. We will be setting up tents to sleep in along the course and thankfully for this event they have a full kitchen that will fully stocked with all the food and nutrition we need for the week. Stay tuned for more updates after the race. 

Native - x obstacle fitness challenge

We are sponsoring the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers with a bundle supplement bag. 

Bag will include – 1 Elevated hat, 1 Energy & Focus Pre-Workout, 1 Creatine, 1 daily Elevated Multivitamin and 1 CBD muscle cream. 



5K TRAIL RACE: It’s just you and the trails! Experience 3+ Miles of Natural Florida terrain, including tight nit scrub and that lovely Florida sugar sand. Watch for turkeys, deer, and gators. Awards will be given to Top 3 Male and Female Finishers. There will also be an Award for the Top 3 children under the Age of 12.

OBSTACLE FITNESS RACE: Introducing our NEW FORMAT Obstacle Fitness Race. The MOST FUN TEST OF FITNESS, combining RUNNING, OBSTACLES, and FUNCTIONAL FITNESS exercises. All of the obstacles and functional fitness challenges will be staged together (8 OBSTACLE FITNESS ZONES) in a centralized area known as the “ARENA”, for spectators to observe and cheer. The RUNNING will be in short segments away from, and returning to, the “ARENA”. There will be 8 total OBSTACLE FITNESS ZONES and ~5k of RUNNING.  Because all of the Obstacle Fitness Zones will be staged in one area, the event will be extremely Spectator Friendly!

KID’s OBSTACLE RACE: The kid’s obstacle race will begin at 11:45am, after the adult races have concluded. The kid’s race will be the same NEW FORMAT as the adult race, consisting of segments of Running and then Obstacle Fitness Zones (OFZs).  The OFZ’s will be scaled down for the kid’s race, and there will only be 1 Mile of running. This new format will allow parents to watch their kids conquer all of the obstacle and fitness zones in one central area.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: One Sweet Lookin’ Race Medal, Awesome Finisher Shirts, and some Memories (some painful, some not)




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